Choosing Wide Plank Wood Floors

redwood-x-wide-engineered-flooring-20-6mm-x-240mm-oak-smoked-oiled-1-824m2-p150-2592_zoomHow frequently do you think about the planks of wood that constitute your own hardwood flooring ? Probably, you do not. At least, not before something goes wrong. If you are looking to replace your wood floors, then here are some things you should probably understand.

Choose a Size
First of all, you will have to be aware of the dimensions of the room where you’re installing your broad plank hardwood flooring. After finding out that, add another 10-15% to this number. This will help account for oddly-shaped rooms. When you give a precise estimate of how much wood you’ll need, your purchase can be completed much more quickly. You will also have to be certain that in which you want the floors put in is a fantastic location for them. Various species of timber behave differently.

Choose a Species
The next step is to choose the species of timber that you need to use. Harder forests have a tendency to survive longer than softer woods. Pine is a popular choice, but you can also think about ash, oak, and walnut. There’s a lot you can do by applying a different color or shade of finish.

Choose the Width
Now you have to decide the width of your hardwood flooring. The individual boards have to be trimmed a certain way to fit in the space that you desire. If you get a vast range of widths and lengths, you might discover that saves some cash. The size and form of your wide plank hardwood flooring can radically change the look and feel of any area they are in.

Choose Finish
One more thing to think about is whether you need unfinished wood floors or prefinished. Adding the finish is just another job you could attempt by yourself, or you might ask the experts!

Hardwood Flooring Services and Maintenance from North London Floor Sanding

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